Natuzzi Italia presents Comfortness 意大利纳图兹家居 适意构建美好生活

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Wellbe sofa put the spotlight on the Comfortness Collection, a different and soft way of understanding design through a new Natuzzi Italia collection



Natuzzi Italia, the Italian lifestyle brand known worldwide for its Mediterranean identity, presents to the Chinese market its new Comfortness collection, a new chapter in the company’s investigation on its heritage and DNA through an innovative and contemporary approach.

意大利生活方式品牌Natuzzi Italia向来以其地中海的基因经典传世。如今,它即将开启崭新的篇章——面向中国市场的全新“Comfortness 系列,该系列是Natuzzi Italia在其经典传承与血脉的基础上进行的大胆探索与创新。

The whole collection – which includes pieces of furniture designed both by international reknown designers and the Natuzzi Style Center – focuses on comfort which has always been a pillar of Natuzzi’s style and an indisputable cornerstone of its history. Specifically, the presentation will focus on the newest Wellbe sofa designed by the Natuzzi Style Center to symbolize a new approach on comfort and design mix.


Following the reflections of the last editions of The Circle of Harmony – the stylistic exploration project initiated in 2020 to create a physical and virtual community to imagine the stylistic evolution of Natuzzi Italia – focused on the themes of functionality and sustainability, Comfortness explores the world of comfort. – from the ancient French word confort, meaning what gives strength’.

《The Circle of Harmony》是Natuzzi Italia于2020年启动的风格探索项目,旨在创造一个虚实空间来进行Natuzzi Italia的风格演变。该项目专注于功能性和可持续性的议题,用Comfortness的理念探索舒适世界。- Comfortness来自古法语单词confort,意味着给予力量。

Comfortness is the union of “comfort” and “wellness”, and in its very name one can identify its main characteristics: living in comfort is the way to ensure one’s wellbeing, and comfort is a concept that touches physical visual and mental aspects of life. It is interpreted as a way of life, it’s taking care of our selves in an intimate and personal way, gaining strength and relaxation.


With this collection, Natuzzi Italia aims at harmonizing comfort, design, and functionliving in comfort is the key element to live in harmony.

这个系列展现了Natuzzi Italia在舒适性、设计与功能三个维度上的共衡。内在和谐亦是回应我们的自然馈赠。

WELLBE SOFA – designed by Natuzzi Style Centre


The quintessence of relaxation-oriented design, an ode to joie de vivre in the hustle and bustle of modern life to enhance physical and mental well-being, Wellbe is a sofa with a cozy and timeless design that relaxes every single part of the body, thanks to the triple-motion system that allows the seat, backrest, footrest and headrest to be independently adjusted, amplifying the feeling of comfort. Wellbe brings the value of Natuzzi research and development to every living area.



Available in more than 100 colours in fabric or leather and with a structure that allows endless possible configurations also in terms of width of the sitting area, Wellbe features a new ergonomic technology that adjusts to support the body, hosting relax in a way that benefits postural health. The core of the project is the idea that the right sitting posture helps prevent those diseases related to the sedentary lifestyle, as confirmed by the studies of Dr. Charles Bark, president of the company HiNounou, selected as one of the Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum, and awarded World Champion of Healthy Ageing Innovation by the United Nations.

Wellbe沙发有100多种颜色可供选择,可选材质包括织物或皮革,通过现代设计,赋予更多可能性的创新舒适。Wellbe采用新的人体工程学技术来支撑身体,让身体以健康的方式得到放松。这是因为这种物理上的包裹和支撑能让人们拥有正确的坐姿,有助于预防与久坐有关的疾病。而这一结论得到了世界经济论坛选中的技术先锋之一并被联合国授予健康老龄化创新冠军的HiNounou公司总裁Charles Bark博士的试验证实。

The sofa’s organic form and natural colour palette are inspired by the perennial beauty of Apulia and together they rest the eyes, whereas its technical features represent the epitome of Natuzzi Italia’s know-how in the construction of upholstered seating systems.

Wellbe沙发纯净的色调第一眼便给人一种视觉享受,而这样流畅的外形和自然的色调皆因其灵感源自普利亚的常年之美。在兼顾美观的同时,实用性同样也得到了保证,Wellbe沙发结合了Natuzzi Italia在软垫座椅系统结构方面的精湛技艺。

triple-motion mechanism with soft-touch controls, individually activate the footrest, headrest and lumbar support, whole the flexible armrest adjusts to fit one’s position on the sofa and the style of the space. A dedicated app – available for both Android and iOS – activate the different functions and it also features an integrated USB charging point.

带有软触控装置的三电机设计可单独启动脚踏板、头枕和腰部支撑。灵活的扶手可根据个人在沙发上的位置和使用习惯进行调节。这些功能可由专用应用程序(安卓和 iOS 均可使用)激活,同时它还配有集成的 USB 充电接口。

The Wellbe system also includes the Square coffee table with its deceptively compact design. It functions as a side table with drawers or shelves and the wheels allow to move it easily around the room. With a modest height and smooth corners, Square is easy to incorporate in every space. It is enriched with two storage compartments, a top-opening drawer and side-drawer. Both drawers have full-extension opening with a push-to-open mechanism and soft close. The main storage compartment turns into an additional elevated shelf or tray.


Natuzzi S.p.A

Founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi, Natuzzi S.p.A. is one of the most renowned brands in the production and distribution of design and luxury furniture. With a global retail network of 651 mono-brand stores and 563 galleries as of December 31, 2021, Natuzzi distributes its collections worldwide. Natuzzi products embed the finest spirit of Italian design and the unique craftmanship details of the “Made in Italy”, where a predominant part of its production takes place. Natuzzi has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since May 13, 1993. Always committed to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Natuzzi S.p.A. is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified (Quality and Environment), ISO 45001 certified (Safety on the Workplace) and FSC® Chain of Custody, CoC (FSC-C131540).

Natuzzi S.p.A.由Pasquale Natuzzi于1959年创立,是家具设计和家具制造领域最知名的品牌之一。截至2021年12月31日,Natuzzi拥有651家品牌门店和563家画廊的全球零售网络,在全球范围内分销其系列。Natuzzi产品完美融合了意大利设计的最佳精神和“意大利制造”的独特工艺细节。Natuzzi自1993年5月13日起在纽约证券交易所上市。Natuzzi S.p.A.始终致力于社会责任和环境可持续性,通过了ISO 9001和14001认证(质量和环境),ISO 45001认证(工作场所安全)和FSC产销监管链CoC(FSC-C131540®)。